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We are LEVELUP, a boutique digital design studio based in New York.


There is truth
in the mundane

It’s tempting to think that life’s big truths have to be revealed to us in a very dramatic way. We’re looking for dramatic signs of life-changing revelations. Reducing life experiences into cartoon form actually reveals that even the most boring or routine lives contain certain truths.

These truths don’t change with time. They don’t lose their power when you move or when you share them with a different crowd of people. They speak to us no matter how seemingly different we are from each other. Bobbins reveal and showcase these truths in a non-preachy and fun way-cartoons!


Everyday life
is inspiring

Every single day you are alive is a victory. Every single brainstorm or solution you come up with is worth celebration. Every new revelation you come up with just highlights your ability to make sense of your life. Now, a lot of these are not exactly Hollywood-worthy dramatic earth shattering moments. But they are all true just the same. They all have meaning. They all point to your purpose. Bobbins’ daily cartoons celebrate these moments because we are all capable of seeing meaning in our lives. We only need to open our eyes and choose to connect the dots.

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8 points to keep in mind while buying a thrusting vibrator

Thrusting vibrators are the new craze now. You see them being top sellers on every other sex toy website and for all the right reasons. Some of these vibrators are not only extremely powerful but the way they hit your spots simply cannot be compared with average dildos or vibrators.


But before you go rushing to the store to grab your first thrusting vibrator, you must keep a few points in mind. Not all thrusting toys are identical or have the same modes of operation. Also, since these toys have become insanely popular in the last few years, several brands have tried to get their own thrusting dildos out in the market resulting in a confusing mess.


In this article, we will give you the 8 golden points you need to keep in mind so that you only get the toy you genuinely want.



Material of the thrusting toy


Thrusting vibrators come in a buffet of materials. However, silicone and plastic (both hard and soft) are the most common. Silicone toys tend to be less porous than plastic and thus are easier to clean between sessions, but they also tend to be on the pricier end.


In addition, some types of silicone are more body-friendly than others. Ultimately, you’d want to avoid models made with toxic chemicals like phthalates. You may also wish to avoid latex-based toys if your partner has an allergy.


Design of the product, especially the insertable part


Thrusting vibrators come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are longer and girthier, while others are shorter and curved. Most thrusters have shafts that physically expand when activated at different lengths, with some going in much deeper than others. Then there are flared bases for safe anal play; some even have suction cups so you can attach them onto a surface and have hands-free fun.

You’ll also find a variety of colors and textures. Some people prefer realistic thrusting toys; hence go for phallic thrusters resembling a penis with veins and proper skin texture. At the same time, some prefer more feminine designs resembling a cute lil toy. And if you’re feeling “extra,” you might even go for a bright neon model decked out in glitter. The possibilities are thus endless.




Most thrusters are 100% splashproof, and some are even fully submersible. However, do check the product description before plunging it into the water.

I’d always recommend spending a few extra bucks on getting a waterproof thruster as the

pleasures of using the toy in the pool or the tub are mind-blowing!




Most thrusters these days are programmed with several thrusting speeds, intensities, and vibration patterns. Some models even rotate their heads, stimulating every inch of your sensitive inner walls. This means you can switch between sensations with a single click —enjoying anything from a nice pounding to a G-Spot tornado.


Modes of Control


Most thrusters have buttons at the toy’s base, while others come with a controller connected by a wire. You might also come across models that have wireless remote-control capabilities.

For models that allow clitoral stimulation like the rabbit vibes, you may be able to control the clitoral stimulation and thrusting sensations separately for a more customized experience.




Most thrusting vibrators are battery-operated. This is not only cumbersome (finding batteries every other week) but is also not very eco-friendly. The alternative would be a rechargeable thruster that can be juiced using a simple USB charger.


It is noteworthy to mention that the charge of some toys will last longer than others or take longer to recharge when the toy dies. Keep this in mind if you’re a marathon masturbator seeking longer sessions.


Locking Mechanisms


Thrusters commonly come with a locking mechanism for safe and discreet portability. Hence, try to find a thrusting toy with an inbuilt locking mechanism. I’m sure you don’t want your thrusting sex toy to accidentally bounce into full gear inside your purse while in public.


Packaging and Storage


Many of us have snoopy housemates or flat buddies who we wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing about our thrusting sex toys. Hence, packaging and storing play an essential role here in being discreet. Many thrusting vibrators are delivered in discreet packages to keep your secret safe. Some also come in fancy bags or boxes for sterile and aesthetically pleasing storage between sessions.


Remember, it’s not advisable to leave sex toys out in the open where they can be easily contaminated. You also don’t want silicone toys touching random objects, especially other silicon stuff, during storage. The former can contaminate the toy; the latter can degrade or even melt the material.


So, keep these 8 simple tips in mind, and you will surely be able to make a more informed decision about the type of toy you want. What are you waiting for now? Go ahead and order your first thrusting sex toy from our online sex shop immediately!

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