Real Life’s Quirks and Turns.
In Cartoon Form.

We are LEVELUP, a boutique digital design studio based in New York.


There is truth
in the mundane

It’s tempting to think that life’s big truths have to be revealed to us in a very dramatic way. We’re looking for dramatic signs of life-changing revelations. Reducing life experiences into cartoon form actually reveals that even the most boring or routine lives contain certain truths.

These truths don’t change with time. They don’t lose their power when you move or when you share them with a different crowd of people. They speak to us no matter how seemingly different we are from each other. Bobbins reveal and showcase these truths in a non-preachy and fun way-cartoons!


Everyday life
is inspiring

Every single day you are alive is a victory. Every single brainstorm or solution you come up with is worth celebration. Every new revelation you come up with just highlights your ability to make sense of your life. Now, a lot of these are not exactly Hollywood-worthy dramatic earth shattering moments. But they are all true just the same. They all have meaning. They all point to your purpose. Bobbins’ daily cartoons celebrate these moments because we are all capable of seeing meaning in our lives. We only need to open our eyes and choose to connect the dots.

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