not your typical cartoon site

Bobbins.Org is not your typical cartoon site. We aren’t big on blowing people’s minds with cutting edge or really edgy graphics styles or shocking stories. Nope. Wrong place.

We specialize in every day, the common, the run of the mill. That’s right-all our strips don’t feature green-skinned aliens, time travel, heroes in costumes, or edgy goth emo type figures either. Instead, the cartoons we collect talk about that annoying guy with the obnoxious laugh at your work three cubicles over.

Our strips explore what could have happened if you had gone out with that girl with braces and a blonde ponytail back in junior high. We feature stories about unemployment, making do with very little money, or asking your friends to chip in when driving them around. In other words, Bobbins. Org talks about real people, real insights, real life.

No escapism

I know it kinda seems weird. After all, don’t people read comics and cartoons to take a break from whatever they are thinking about? Isn’t the whole point of going to the movies to escape-at some level or other?

Well, there’s escape… and there’s insight. Instead of simply distracting you with images of a different kind of reality you could be living (complete with capes and tights, mind you), we feature comics that give us all a refreshing dose of insight. It turns out that you don’t have to escape reality to make sense of it and… enjoy it.

Celebrating the familiar

Believe it or not, there’s a lot to celebrate with the everyday themes of your life. Sure, it’s easy to see what’s so awesome about the birth of a child, a marriage, or getting a new job or sealing that awesome business deal. But we’re not talking about these.

I know it sounds weird and unusual but there’s something to celebrate about the times when things did not pan out. Maybe you made a fool out of yourself in front of the girl you were trying so hard to impress all this time. Maybe you didn’t get that promotion. Perhaps, you fell short when applying for a new job.

As painful, awkward, or challenging as these situations may be, we find insight, inspiration, and beauty. You see, everyone can relate to success. Most people fantasize about everything falling into place in their lives. These are our collective ideals. Bobbins.Org focuses on the fact that inspiration can be found in overcoming the tendency to quit. Choosing to stay upbeat and positive is itself a victory. We celebrate these in the cartoon strips we collect.

By drawing people’s attention to the victory or wisdom behind the seeming defeat, rejection, or betrayal, no matter how big or petty, we experience in our lives, we get certain truths. These truths, it turns out, might actually free us from mindsets that keep us from living our lives to the fullest. Bobbins’ realistic cartoons draw hope from this kind of victory.

Come join us and spread the word about Bobbins.Org’s very interesting sense of humor. We can use all the social media help we can get! Can we count on you to get the word out about this site? We’d appreciate it tremendously.

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